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Noviembre 2015

19/11/2015 –

Originally Posted by Twitter, WarcraftDevs (Blue Tracker / Official Post)

Do Void- and Mind Blast share CD? Or can i enter Voidform with MB, and then cast VB immediately?

We’re still iterating on the Shadow rotation, and looking to further differentiate gameplay in/out of Voidform. Stay tuned. (WarcraftDevs)

is shadow word: death gone for spreists? it was so important for pvp tbh, will be really sad if it is gone.

Currently, it remains, as the only true execute ability (other than Execute). (WarcraftDevs)

With the Shadow Priest changes in Legion, will the way Clarity of Power be changing?

The new rotation is significantly different, so most talents have to be rethought. (WarcraftDevs)


Originally Posted by Twitter, Craig_amai (Official Post)
The shadowpriest weapon looks .. underwhelming. Will there be an offhand or anything?

Yeah, it has an off-hand. It’s also very present in gameplay through some of its abilities. (craig_amai)

The feedback on first impressions is very appreciated though. Daggers have a way of feeling underwhelming very easily. (craig_amai)

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